Sunday, May 2, 2010

Move Control box back to right side in Lucid Lynx

When you install Lucid Lynx, a significant different we can see is the control box (min,max,close buttons) has moved to the left side of the title bar.

For me this is very annoying. I guess most of you feel the same.

If you want to relocate that into right hand side, you can select an old theme.

There is an another way you can do it by without changing the theme.

This is how we can do that.

  1. Press ALT+F2 to get run application dialog box

  2. Type gconf-editor and press Run to get Configuration Editor

  3. In configuration editor goto apps -> metacity -> general

  4. Find button_layout.

  5. You will see the current value of the button layout is “close,minimize,maximize:”

  6. Change that to “:minimize,maximize,close”

  7. You will experience the change instantly

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  1. Thanks a lot!! Appreciate it.