Monday, December 21, 2009

Mobile Partner Redialer

It seems like every mobile broadband (HSPA) connection in Sri Lanka has a very poor Quality of Service.
Initially I used a Dialog HSPA connection.
Due to their poor service recently I switched to Mobitel which was considered as a far better connection compared to Dialog.
But now things have gone wrong again. Mobitel has become a very unreliable connection. Mobitel users cannot say in idle.
It seems like they are disconnecting the idle users in order to accept new users.
If we want to get connected again, we have to keep pressing redial button for 10-15 times. This has become a pain.

I really hate this redialing thing. So I decided to write a small script to automate this.
I’m using a Huawei E220 HSPA modem with the Mobile Partner Software.

I share this small script with you hoping someone will find it useful.

This small program will run in background and keep redial for you (initially you have to press the connect button manually).

You can just wait and watch until it get connected.

This will consume some considerable amount of CPU (due to an endless loop), so make sure that you pause the script when you are not using it.

Demo Video

Download from here

Note – If someone can create a similar thing for Ubuntu it will be greatly appreciated.


  1. Thanks!
    Thought of making such a script for ubuntu earlier, but couldn't write yet

  2. In some locations, same shit also happens with Dialog. What I do is physically disconnecting and re-connecting the modem. I do not use Windows. So, dialing is not pain! :D

  3. Why dialing in Linux is not a pain?
    This is not depends on the operating system. It's a just a fault of mobile network. So how can linux make this easier?
    Is there a way to redial automatically.
    I'm using Ubuntu. It is worse than windows coz it is needed two clicks to redial again while in windows(Mobile Partner software) it is only a single click.

    In my case disconnecting and reconnecting not a solution coz the reason is congestion of the network.

  4. "how can linux make this easier?"

    I don't like GUI stuff when there are tools to do it more easily with the command line. I use wvdial.

    With a bit of bash scripting, you can make more out of it.

    Auto Reconnect
    If enabled, wvdial will attempt to automatically reestablish a connection if you are randomly disconnected by the other side. This option is "on" by default.

  5. @ශාකුන්තල Thanks a lot

  6. Mobitel sucks .... this how they give upahara.

    Anyway great work bro .... these as*holes think they are the ones who know everything ... if we keep the silence this nonsense is gonna increase. time to show them what we've got....

  7. @lmpeiris true. every time I complain about this, they are asking me to check settings.:-)

    One day a Dialog customer care person asked me to turn off the computer for 15min and turn on and connect. I said that there no point of doing that if it is really needed I can unplug the modem for 15min. He replied with saying "No you have to turn off the computer". :-)

    Anyway Mobitel have setup a new tower near our university. Now the situation is getting better

  8. i think it doesn't work with Huawei_E156.
    i'ts possible solve?
    Best regards

  9. @Anonymous
    It works with Mobile Partner software. It does not depend on the device.

  10. If you getting good Airtel 3G coverage,,

    Go for Airtel...

  11. This is cool, i am actually looking to build something like this but the one that would actually launch Mobile Partner.exe and connect programmatically. How did you tap into Mobile Partner's API to reconnect every time the connection drops?

  12. I would like to know what program language is used to creat this script, if you have the script for download it was better, that will help me a lot, thanks

  13. Actually i've got the same problem....
    When i download with IDM,It was not a problem anymore because IDM has a redial option.
    But when i browse internet,it couldn't...

    I think this is the solution..Really thanks to you.

  14. good one machn...but can u make another script to reconnect whenever the connection tht i can download big files throughout night times........manual reconnection wont work,cos i cant sacrifice my sleep..........PLS MACHN DO THAT...CAN WE USE THIS TO GAIN THT PURPOSE???????

  15. what the hell is this. i have the huawei 3g modem with mobile partner dashboard.. its not reconnecting automatically if my net dropped..

    its fake.. say i have airtel3g. if i select any of the vodafone ita network for testing, its reconnecting, whereas its not auto reconnecting when actual net drops out.

  16. @Anonymous (one who started the comment from WTH)

    This is not reconnecting automatically when the connection drops. Read the description carefully.

  17. Please link it with actual net Dropout... That will be really usefull

  18. Hey, Grat app.
    I've got one qeustion.
    Can You write something like this for huaweii E8532?

  19. Great work ayya...Huawei has the best HSPA hardware and software, but still they got some loose points and also it's not a hole in huawei it's MOBITEL sucks..