Wednesday, December 16, 2009

qProxy - quick Proxy

This is a very simple extension for Mozilla Firefox which has the functionality of enable/disable proxy in a single click.
Actually I developed this extension for my personal usage. I use two connections to connect to the internet. One is the Mobitel HSPA connection (no proxy) and the other one is University Wireless network (proxy enabled).

Every time when I want to switch between networks I have to change the proxy settings.

Tools -> Options -> Select Advanced Section -> Select Network Tab -> Connection Settings -> Select No proxy or Manual Proxy

For me going through this series of steps each and every time to change the network is annoying.
So I decided to create a small extension to enable/disable proxy in a single click.

I didn’t put much effort to build this one. It cost me about 30min to come up with this solution.

For the first time you have to set the proxy settings at the Connection Settings window.

After installing qProxy an icon which indicates current proxy status will appear on the status bar. You can simply click on that icon to enable/disable proxy.

Download from here


  1. superb stuff! anyway i don't have a laptop--- so would be using the same old ADSL for a while :)

  2. nice.. useful for me at office to switch btween the proxy and normal slt line. tx