Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Trick to identify INVISIBLE contacts in Gmail chat

Here is a simple way to check whether a contact is really offline in Gmail Chat. Actually this uses a bug of invisible feature.

First select the off the record option for the chat

Then type something and send it.
You will get a message (as shown on the picture below) if the contact is offline.

If the contact is invisible you won’t get the message.


  1. hey, great post!! very useful to know why and who right?

  2. @ ඉසුරු
    දැන් අර‍ කොල්ලා හැංගිලා ඉඳලා මාට්ටු උනොත් ඌ ඉවරයි.

  3. @pahan
    ඔව්. පූසව කරකවල වහලට විසි කරා වගේ එයාවත් කරකවල විසි කරාවිද දන්නෙ නෑ

  4. අනේ එහෙම කරන්නේ නෑ අනේ.පූසා උනත් වහලෙට දැම්මට ආපහු අරගෙන කන්න බොන්න දීලා නිදි කරවන්නේ මමනේ

  5. if the contact has set as invisible and logoff from the account then it is not showing red color message.
    in that case message should not show in red right....

  6. hi Isuru Udana,
    let me explain my problem
    i have loged off my gmail accont with the status "invisible".
    my friend has followed the above steps to check status.When he sent message "red color message is dislayed...."
    in this case my friend might think that i'am in invisible mode and not giving replay to his message..
    so do u know any other alternatives for this sithuvation..

  7. @abilash

    If you logged off from your account with the status invisible(what ever the status), then your friend should get the red color msg when he sent something to you. If you are ONLINE with the status invisible your friend will not get the red color msg. That's how it works.

    As you mentioned,

    " When he sent message "red color message is dislayed...." "

    If your friend gets a red color msg,then it is ok. Now he must understand you are not online.