Monday, April 13, 2009


Do you travel long distances?

Have you got the habit of falling into sleep while travelling?

Do you have a Nokia Symbian handset in your pocket?

If the answer is YES for all,

Here is what you can do for wakeup at the destination.

Psiloc MiniGPS

MiniGPS is not something related to GPS. No need of a GPS enabled handset. MiniGPS is a symbian software which detects GSM network Cell IDs and uses those IDs to identify locations. You can define locations for those Cell IDs. You can execute following events when you enter or leave a location.

Send SMS
Run Alarm (I think this is the most important one)
Change Profile
Change Bluetooth State
Change Theme

So you can run an Alarm when you enter the destination.

Note that this depends on the mobile network. So if you changed your operator you have to re-define your locations.

Download for S60 v.3 from here

Sleep Well. Wake up at the correct place :-)


  1. sha....great wadak..math adama install karagannawa...thks for shring!!!

  2. and another do you take screen shots of the phone??

  3. @deeps It's just another application.

    Find it from here

  4. This is a handy thing to add !!!