Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What is WSO2 ESB..?

WSO2 ESB is one of the leading Enterprise Service Buses out there in the market today. 
It is a lightweight, high performing and feature rich ESB which has built-in support for integration with various heterogeneous systems. And it is highly extensible too. So WSO2 ESB can be used to connect anything to anything

Following video gives you an overview of WSO2 ESB.

Following is a nice article written by Samisa Abeysinghe (Chief Engineering and Delivery Officer at WSO2) which covers following topics.

  • Key advantages of WSO2 ESB
    • Powerful capabilities of WSO2 ESB
  • When should you consider using an ESB?
  • Why WSO2 ESB?
    • Benefits of WSO2 ESB
    • WSO2 advantages over competitors
To find more about WSO2 ESB, please checkout following resources.

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