Thursday, July 4, 2013

WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) 4.7.0 Released!

Version 4.7.0 of WSO2 ESB, the High Performance, lightweight Open Source ESB was released yesterday.

Following are the brand new features introduced in this release.

Comprehensive REST integration support with HTTP Endpoints

HTTP Endpoint has made the integration with REST services much simpler by allowing us to specify URI Template like endpoint addresses. Endpoint URI can contain variables which can be populated at the runtime.
HTTP method also can be specified within the HTTP Endpoint itself.

JSON support for Payload Factory Mediator

Payload Factory mediator is one of the widely used mediators to do message format transformations. In previous versions, payload format can be specified only in XML. If we want to integrate with services which expect the message in JSON format, we have to construct the message in XML format and set the message type property to application/json to get the message converted to JSON.
In ESB 4.7.0 payload format can be specified directly in JSON format. This is a very useful feature which makes the integration with REST services much simpler.

SSL Tunneling Support

SSL Tunneling support is introduced to both PassThroughHttp and Nhttp transports.

SSL Profiles for both inbound and outbound scenarios

SSL Profiles are supported only for Outbound scenarios in previous versions. In this version of WSO2 ESB we can configure SSL profiles for both Inbound and Outbound scenarios.
ESB can listen for the incoming HTTPS connections from different host IPs and Ports. Inbound SSL profiles feature allows us to have a separate SSL profile for different hosts. We can have a separate trust store and a key store for a SSL profile.

Inbound Connection Throttling support for Pass-Thru and NHTTP transports

With this feature we can limit the number of simultaneous connections which can be established with the ESB.

CRL/OCSP Certificate Revocation Verification

This feature allows to check whether the the given X509 certificate is still a valid certificate (not revoked by CA) at the verification phase of SSL handshake. OCSP/CRL certificate verification process is widely used where high computer security is concerned.


Following are the other major enhancements in this release.

  • Enhanced Message Stores and Processors for Guaranteed Delivery and Rate Matching Scenarios
  • High Performance Multitenant REST APIs support with Pass-Thru Transport
  • Stabilizing Registry Based Deployment Synchronizer
  • Invoking Sequences and Proxy Service from Scheduled Tasks
  • HL7 Enhancements to support Application-Acknowledgement and Auto-Acknowledgement scenarios
  • Transport Header manipulation in Header Mediator
  • Enhancement on Content Negotiation in RESTful integration(ie: POX with text/xml)
  • JMS MapMessage compatibility for JMS Transport

Apart from the above new features and enhancements, this release of WSO2 ESB comes with significant number (393) of bug fixes.

You can download the distribution of WSO2 ESB 4.7.0 from and give it a try.

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