Saturday, April 4, 2009

Multimedia Builder - Creativity is the limit

This is about an application which I use to build multimedia applications.

Multimedia builder is a great design tool which can be used to design multimedia applications run on windows environment.

You can use this tool to design mp3 players, video players, autorun applications for your Disks and many more.

If you are creative enough, you can even design a virus from it!!!!

It comes with a scripting language which is pretty much similar to modern programming languages. And you do not need to spend much time to lean its scripting language since there are wizards to build your scripts. A good help document and many sample applications make your life easier.

It comes with variety of tools to build your application with an attractive user interface. Support for Macromedia Flash makes it even better.

The most interesting thing is you can design applications in custom shapes with B/W Mask.

The following link contains a simple media player which was designed using this tool five years ago.

I used MMB to design this media player. Current version is 4.9.8.

For more info visit mediachance at